“Innovative Solutions for Complex Problems:

Case Studies from Industries and Clients We’ve Worked With”

Automotive: Daimler Chrysler, Mercedes Benz – Daimler Chrysler is a multinational automotive corporation, while Mercedes Benz is a luxury automobile brand owned by Daimler AG.

Royal Automobile Club – The Royal Automobile Club is a British private members’ club and is one of the oldest and most prestigious motoring organisations in the world.

Aviation: Emirates, – Emirates is a Dubai-based airline.

Banking & Financial Services:  Santander, Bank of England, Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds Banking Group, Royal Bank of Scotland, Scottish Amicable, Standard Life, Tesco Bank, Visa, Woolwich, Xchanging, Zanzibar Revenue Board, Zamil Industrial Investment – These are a mix of banks, financial institutions, and other organisations in the banking and financial services industry, located across the world.

Charity Sector & 3rd Tier Sector: MIND, Rathbone – MIND is a mental health charity in the UK, while Rathbone is a UK-based charity that provides support and services to young people.

Consulting: Anderson Consulting, Institute of Management Advisors, Gerlach Group (Germany) – These are consulting firms that provide a range of services to organisations.

Construction: Feltham Construction, Schueco – These are companies in the construction industry.

Distribution: Connect Distribution Services – Connect Distribution Services is a UK-based distributor of consumer electronics and appliances.

Education: Explore Learning, King Faisal University, University of Kingston, Colleges – Carshalton, South Thames, South West London, Weybridge – These are educational institutions, including universities and colleges, located across the UK and Saudi Arabia.

Engineering and Construction: ATG Group, Bond Dickinson, Phillips – These are engineering and construction firms that provide a range of services to clients.

Government: Capita, UK Government, Welsh Government, & Welsh Local Government Agency – These are government organisations in the UK that provide a range of services to citizens.

Healthcare: Dubai Health Authority – The Dubai Health Authority is the regulatory body for healthcare in Dubai, UAE.

Insurance: Cox Services, In-Sure Services Ltd, John Charcoal, R.J. Wallace – These are insurance companies located across the UK.

IT & Telecoms: British Telecom, Mobily, NTL, Oman Telecom, Saudi Telecom Company, Viva Bahrain – These are companies in the IT and telecommunications industry, located across the world.

Legal: Crown Prosecution Service, Eversheds, and Metropolitan Police – These are legal organisations located in the UK that provide a range of legal services.

Leisure & Tourism: Mark Warner – Companies in the leisure and tourism industry, providing travel and holiday services.

Logistics & Transportation / Packaging: DS Smith, Bibby – These are companies that provide logistics, transportation, and packaging services.

Military: The British Army, Royal Navy, L3 Harris, General Dynamics, Defence Academy – These are organisations in the military and defence industries.

Manufacturing: BI Composites, Clemson / Toolbank / Dormole, Dickinson Dees, NES, Phillips Holdings, Wavin Plastics – These are manufacturing companies that produce a range of products, including composites, tools, and plastic products.

Medical & Healthcare: BUPA, Dubai Health Authority – BUPA is a private healthcare organisation in the UK, while the Dubai Health Authority is the regulatory body for healthcare in Dubai, UAE.

Nuclear: Underwriters Laboratories – Underwriters Laboratories is a global safety certification organisation that tests and certifies a range of products and systems.